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NextUpAtTheMic.com is an online platform showcasing LIVE shows from Music Innovators that encompass a variety of genres including but not limited to Pop, Country, Rap, Jazz, R&B  and so much more

The two factors that set NextUpAtTheMic.com apart from similar platforms is all shows are LIVE and each VIP Pass includes a bottle of an adult beverage (Spirits or Wine)


Not only do our VIP Pass Holders receive an adult beverage prior to the event*, they also have the ability to participate in the show as the LIVE audience

Passess for each show must be ordered at least 10 days in advance to insure delivery of the Adult Beverage prior to the event; otherwise it may arrive post event.

castshows.com pricing

Every NextUpAtTheMic.com Live show has two pass options:

  • VIP NextUpAtTheMic.com Pass - $99

Includes a Spotlight Spirit shipped to the ticket holders home and the ability to interact with the show as the LIVE audience

  • NextUpAtTheMic.com Pass - $20 

Viewing only. Must remain muted throughout the show​

castshows.com FAQ's

What if I want to cancel my membership?

  • There is no membership, NextUpAtTheMic.com is a pay-per-view platform

Do I have to be 21 to purchase a pass?

  • Yes, you must be 21 to purchase the VIP NextUpAtTheMic.com Pass

What if I don't drink alcohol?

  • Simply purchase the NextUpAtTheMic.com Pass

Do I have to watch on a smart device or may I cast to my Smart TV?

  • You absolutely may cast to your Smart TV however you will need to remain muted throughout the show.

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The official theme song of NextUpAtTheMic.com is "Call Your Friends" by Sam C. Jones - click here to find it on Spotify

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