music innovators performance agreement

Most Recent Revision 01/04/2021 is an online platform that gives Music Innovators the opportunity to entertain, interact and drink with their fans

This agreement is effective the moment the completed form submission (found below) is billed out and the Terms & Conditions box is checked and is between, LLC d.b.a. (COMPANY) and the Music Innovator (MI) filling out this online form.


Date and Time of Show Performances: Will be determined with scheduling (min. one show a month for 6 months)

Location of Performance: via Zoom video conferencing platform

Duration of event: Minimum of 60 to 90 minutes  

Financial Considerations 

Financial Consideration is a per Pass flat fee:

  • $99 VIP Pass (No limit for VIP Pass) - VIP Pass will be available for sale up to eight days prior to the event, this is to ensure delivery of the Spotlight Spirit to the Pass Holder prior to the event.

    • $25 per VIP Pass to M.I.​​

  • $20 Pass (No limit for Pass) - Pass will only be available for the eight days leading up to the event

    • $10 per Pass to MI if a minimum of ten VIP Passes were sold for the event 

    • $5 per Pass paid to MI if nine or less VIP Passes were sold for the event.


  • COMPANY is responsible for providing the necessary Zoom platforms and links MI needs to successfully perform during the event.

  • MI agrees to conduct all shows from a G - PG-13 - R rated level - any X rated content IS NOT PERMITTED

  • MI is responsible for the sales of all Passes to all shows (no mandatory minimums on Passes sold)

  • MI is responsible for his/her own technical requirements necessary to perform for the event, as well as to successfully broadcast the event.

  • MI agrees to immediately provide video, pics and graphics and for COMPANY to use the provided material on its website, social media outlets and for promotional purposes.

  • MI agrees to continually promote the event across all of his/her social media platforms.

  • MI is responsible for negotiating and paying compensation to any and all guests that appear on MIs show.

  • MI owns the content rights to the show. At the request of the CC, COMPANY will record the show and provide MI with a copy of the recording. Recording can be posted on MIs page. 

  • COMPANY and MI agree to the following as it comes to sponsorship dollars.

    • If MI successfully obtains sponsorship dollars, MI will retain 100% of those sponsorship dollars​

    • If COMPANY successfully obtains sponsorship dollars, COMPANY will retain 100% of those sponsorship dollars.

  • MI agrees to promote all Sponsors during the live broadcast, regardless of whom attained the sponsorship dollars.

  • COMPANY reserves the right to use clips from each show for use in promotional ads and material.

  • COMPANY will pay considerations to MI via PayPal, Venmo or Cash App within one hour of the completion of each scheduled show

  • This Agreement supersedes any and all previous agreements between COMPANY and TALENT



This Agreement can be terminated, upon written notice by either Party. If either Party terminates this Agreement only considerations owed (if any) from already completed shows will be paid by COMPANY to MI. 

Agreement Confirmation

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