Next Up at the Mic Terms of Service:

Welcome to Next Up at the Mic (NUATM). We operate an online virtual entertainment company which allows you to buy tickets to entertainment streamed online through a variety of technologies. 

1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to the Next Up at the Mic platform (the ‘Site’). We’ll refer to our website and other services as our “Services”, and Next Up at the Mic will be addressed individually or collectively as “Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”. Do read through the following Terms of Service carefully before using the Site or any of our Services. By browsing our Site, you will be agreeing to our Terms. The Terms are here for you, so that you are aware of your legal rights when using our services.

1.2 This document and any documents referred to within it will collectively make up the ‘Terms of Service’.

1.3 Our “Services” include (a) the site, (b) the services provided by the site, (c) all information, linked pages, features, data, text, images, photographs, graphics, music, sounds, video, messages, tags, content, programming, software, application services. Any new features added to or augmenting the Services are also subject to these Terms of Service. Content that is posted by Users using our Services will be “Your Content”. Your Content includes your usernames, shop names, profile pictures, listing photos, listing description, reviews, comments, videos etc.

1.4 Our services include a website that provides a place and opportunity for the purchase of tickets for virtual events featuring a wide variety of musical and comedic entertainers.

1.5 We reserve the right to change, modify, suspend or discontinue all or any part of this Site or Services at any time. We may release certain Services or their features while they are still considered to be a beta version, which may not work correctly or in the same way as how the final version may work, and cannot be held liable in such instances. We may also impose limits on certain features or restrict your access to parts of, or the entire Site or Service at its sole discretion without notice or liability.

1.6 We reserve the right to refuse to provide you access to the Site or Service or to allow you to open an Account for any reason.

2. Privacy

2.1 We know your personal information is important to you, so it’s important to us. Our Privacy policy details how your information is used when you use our Services. When using our Services or providing information on the site, you consent to Our collection, use, disclosure, and processing of Your Content and personal data as described in the Privacy Policy.

2.2 Users in possession of another User’s personal data obtained through the use of the Services hereby agree that, they will (a) comply with all applicable personal data protection laws, (b) allow User (owner of personal data) the right to remove their collected data from User (receiver of personal data) from the database upon request.

3. Your Account

3.1 You’ll need to create an account with Us to use some of our Services. Here are a few rules about accounts with Us:

3.1.1 You must be 21 or older to use our Service. 

3.1.2 Be honest with us, and provide accurate information about yourself. It’s not OK to use false information or impersonate another person or company through your account.

3.1.3 You are responsible for your account. You’re solely responsible for any activity on your account. If you’re sharing an account with other people, then the person’s name on the account will ultimately be responsible for all activity. If you’re registering as a business entity, you personally guarantee that you have the authority to agree to the Terms on behalf of the business. Also, your accounts are not transferable.

3.1.4 As we’ve mentioned above, you are solely responsible for any activity on your account, so remember to keep your login and password secure.

3.1.5 Payment processing services for Next Up at the Mic Users, Customers, Ticket Customers, et all] on Next Up at the Mic LLC. and Next Up at the Mic Marketing including its web service applications are provided by either Stripe, PayPal or some other third party processor and are subject to agreements not dissimilar to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service (collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement”). By agreeing to [this agreement / these terms / etc.] or continuing to operate as an account holder on Next Up at the Mic, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement or similar type Agreement, as the same may be modified by Stripe or other processors from time to time. As a condition of Net Up at the Mic enabling payment processing services through Stripe or other services, you agree to provide Next Up at the Mic accurate and complete information about you and your business, and you authorize Next Up to the Mic to share it and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe or other payment processors.

4. Limited License

4.1 We grant you a limited and revocable license to access and use our Services, subject to our Terms of Service. All proprietary Content, trademarks, service marks, brand names, logos and other intellectual property displayed in the Site are the property of Next Up at the Mic, Inc. and where applicable, third parties proprietors identified in the Site. You agree not to copy, distribute, republish, mirror, frame or create derivative works without our prior written consent.

5. Your Content

5.1 Content that you post using our Services is your content. This includes usernames, shop names, profile pictures, listing photos, listing descriptions, reviews, comments, video, etc.

5.1.1 You are solely responsible for Your Content. You represent that you have all necessary rights to Your Content and you’re not infringing or violating any third party’s rights by posting it.

5.1.2 Posting Your Content through our Services, you grant us a license to use it. This license allows us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, sub-licensable, perpetual license to use, display, edit, modify, reproduce, distribute, store and prepare derivative works of Your Content to promote the Services or our Site. We do not claim ownership to Your Content, but we have your permission to use it to help us function and grow.

5.1.3 If content that you own or have rights to has been posted to the Services without your permission and you want it removed, please contact us. If your Content infringes another person’s intellectual property, we will remove it if we receive proper notice.

5.1.4 You agree to not post any content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, vulgar or otherwise offensive or in violation of our Prohibited Items/Services section. You also agree not to post any content that is false, misleading or uses the Services in a manner that is fraudulent or deceptive.

6. Your Use of Our Services

6.1 We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use our Services. You agree that you will not violate any laws in connection without your use of the Services. This includes any local, state, federal and international laws that may apply to you. 

6.2 You are responsible for paying all fees that you owe to us You are also solely responsible for collection and/or paying any applicable taxes for any purchases or sales you make through our Services.

6.3 You agree not to attempt to obtain source code of the services. You agree to not interfere with or disrupt/harm our services.

6.4 Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including any or all of the following: listing deletion, account suspension or legal action; if necessary.

6.5 If you believe a User on our Site is violating these terms, please contact us.

7. Purchase and Payment

7.1 Currently we only support Credit Card payments. These payments are processed through third-party payment channels and may vary depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

7.2 All sales on the platform are binding. The seller is obligated to complete the transaction with the buyer in a prompt manner unless an exceptional circumstance arises.

8. Seller Commission, When Applicable

8.1 The seller of any item/service will pay us a commission on the total transaction amount received by the seller (including taxes, if any and shipping costs for any of the transactions made on our Site.

8.2 Our commission will be deducted directly from your funds before the funds are settled into your account.

8.3 All third-party payment channels will charge you an additional fee for payment processing. This fee will be dependent on your location as well as your buyer’s location. All payment processing fees will not be included in the seller commission that we charge.

9. Merchant’s Responsibilities, When Applicable

9.1 Merchants will properly manage and ensure that relevant information such as the price and the details of represented items, inventory amount and will not post inaccurate or misleading information.

9.2 The pricing of items/services for credit/sales are determined by the Merchant at his/her own discretion. The price of an item and charges will include any additional charges such as sales tax, value-added tax, tips, etc. Merchants will not charge Buyer such amounts additionally and separately.

9.3 Merchants are obligated to deliver items/services as described in a prompt manner, unless there is an exceptional circumstance. If there are any exceptional circumstances the seller is obliged to contact the Buyer to inform them of any delays or inability to complete the transaction.

9.4 Merchants will issue additional receipts, credit card slips or tax invoices to buyers on request.

10. Disputes with Other Users

10.1 If you find yourself in a dispute with another user of our Services or a third party, we encourage you to contact the other party and try to resolve the dispute amicably.

10.2 Should you be unable to resolve the dispute between you and another user, we may step in to help resolve the dispute. If you would like us to get involved, please contact us. We will help in good faith based on our policies. However, we will not make judgments regarding legal issues or claims.

10.3 Whether you are a Buyer or a Merchant of an item/service, you must cooperate with us throughout the dispute resolution process. We ask that you provide all information relating to the dispute that we request for. Such requests will be directed to your designated email address. If we are unable to get a response from you we may close the investigation or determine that the investigation has been resolved in favour of the other party.

10.4 Disputes as a Buyer

10.4.1 You may raise two types of disputes, one where the ‘item is not delivered’ and the seller is not responding to any of your attempts to communicate. The second type of dispute is where the ‘item is significantly not as described’.

10.4.2 You may pursue a report about a transaction or contact your card provider to pursue any chargeback options that may be available to you from your card provider. However, you may not pursue both options at the same time or seek double recovery in respect of the same transaction. If you raise a dispute with us and subsequently file a chargeback with your card provider, we will close your report.

10.4.3 If you have received a refund/exchange from the merchant, you may not report that transaction.

10.4.4 If the ‘item is not delivered’ we will ask the merchant to provide proof of delivery that can be tracked online. If the seller fails to do so, we will resolve the dispute in your favour.

10.4.5 If the ‘item is significantly not as described’, and both parties cannot agree as to the difference between the item/service that was sold and what was described, we will make a fair decision based on all the information we hold about the item. We will exercise our decision-making authority based on numerous factors, which include the description of the item at the point of purchase, communications between you and the merchant as well as any documentation provided. All decisions made by us are final.

10.5 Disputes as a Third Party Merchant in Relationship with Company

10.5.1 As a merchant, we encourage you to communicate actively with your buyer especially if there are any exceptional circumstances. We encourage you to be prompt in responding to your Buyers in order to avoid any unnecessary disputes.

11. Disputes with Us

11.1 If you are upset with us, please let us know and hopefully we can resolve your issue. If we are unable to resolve the issue, these rules will govern any legal dispute involving our Services:

11.1.1 Governing Law. Next Up at the Mic observes local laws that govern the Terms of Service. All disputes are to be solved, if legal recourse is necessary, under the laws governing the State of Florida. The local laws are dependent on the location of incorporation. These laws will then apply no matter where in the world you live.

11.1.2 You agree that any dispute or claim arising from the Terms will be settled by arbitration where possible. Judgment on the arbitration award may be entered in any court that has jurisdiction. Any arbitration under the Terms will take place on an individual basis: class arbitrations and class actions are not permitted. Any decisions made by the arbitrator will be deemed final.

12. Changes to the Terms

12.1 We are constantly updating and improving the Service to try and find ways to provide you with new and innovative features and services. Improvements and updates are also made to reflect changing technologies, tastes, behaviors and the way people use the Internet and our Service.

12.2 We may revise the Terms of Service but the most current version will always be at this link.

12.3 We will try, where possible and reasonable, to contact you to let you know about significant changes to any of the documents referred to in these Terms of Service. We may make contact through the system or via a separate email.

12.4 The current version of the Terms of Service contains the only terms that apply to our relationship with you. Older versions of the Terms of Service will no longer apply to our relationship and will be completely replaced by the current version.

13. Prohibited Items/ Services

Next Up at the Mic is a curated event space designed for virtual or online category entertainment. For a variety of reasons we prohibit certain types of items from our event space. Some of these prohibitions present risks to our community.

It is the entertainer’s responsibility to ensure that their proposed content complies with all laws and is allowed to be listed for viewing in accordance with local laws. For the entertainer’s convenience we may provide a non-exhaustive guideline on prohibited and restricted content that are not allowed for presentation. We will update this guideline from time to time where necessary.

If an entertainment is found to be in violation of this policy, we may subject the Entertainer to a range of adverse actions, including deletion, account suspension, account termination and legal action

The following types of content is prohibited:

ii. Illicit Drugs and drug paraphernalia

iv. Acts touting Medicine, medicinal instruments and items with objectionable medical claims. Acts are prohibited to make claims such as having a causal relationship between a substance and the prevention, cure or treatment of a disease or condition.

v. Acts that promote, support or seek to engage users in illegal activity.

vi. Acts that infringe copyright laws including, but not limited to, unauthorized sales of digital or analog materials or content.

vii. Acts that push the unauthorized resale of tickets

viii. Acts pertaining to illegal services not limited to prostitution

ix. Acts promoting pornography and adult material and services including, but not limited to, pornographic books, magazines, videos and pictures

x. Acts that promote, support or glorify hatred and seek to discriminate and/or demean on the basis of race, religion, gender or disability. 

And any other items illegal or restricted in the jurisdiction of the Buyer and/or the Seller or which otherwise encourage illegal or restricted activities.

If you see content that violates our policies, please contact us.

13.5 Shipping

Must be 21 years old or older to shop or order from our website. 


Shipping Policy


13.51 Must be 21 years of age or older to order alcohol and a signature by someone 21 years of age or older is required upon delivery.

13.52 All orders are shipped within 1 to 5 business days

13.53 We Do Not ship to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses

13.54 The customer is fully responsible for the shipment of alcohol and must abide by his/her local and state laws

13.55 We use a variety of online retailers to fulfill orders and you hold Company harmless from their contract breaches or service issues.

13.56 Shipping outside of the United States is prohibited in most cases.

13.57  Shipping rates vary depending on distance, weight, shipping option, and handling

13.58 Generally, carriers make 3 attempts to fulfill a shipment with an adult signature. After three attempts the package is returned to a warehouse and the customer may be liable for any new shipping charges.  

13.59 All orders must be made 10 days prior to an event for spirits and wine event fulfillment. In the event, products associated with a specific event are delayed for reasons outside the buyer’s control, NUATM (company) will make every effort to satisfy the customer, including access to subsequent similar shows/events.


In the case that an order is returned to our warehouse due to order refusal, order cancellation, or due to lack of accepting an order in any way. Including if Fedex makes three attempts on delivery, and no one is available to accept the package. 

In these cases the customer is liable for all shipping charges. The shipping charges in these cases are not refundable, and the customer is liable for any new shipping charges.


Once a package has been shipped the customer is liable for all shipping charges even in the event of an order cancellation, order decline, or a failure to receive the package. 


14. Contact, feedback and complaints

If you need to contact us please click on contact us for our contact details or email to We value hearing from our users, and are always interested in learning about ways we can improve the Service. By providing your feedback you agree that you are giving up any rights you have in your feedback so that we may use and allow others to use it without any restriction and without any payment to you.

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